Driving Towards a Greener Future with Damcorp

Damcorp supports the realization of net zero emissions by presenting Volta, a sustainable business line.
Damcorp opens opportunities for your business to take part in protecting
the environment and creating a greener future.

Volta develops environmentally friendly transportation breakthrough innovations to realize emission reductions. We offer electric vehicles with advanced IoT technology to support driving comfort and safety.

SEMOLIS (electric motorbike rental) is here as an environmentally friendly transportation solution for people who are more economic and efficient.

SEMOLIS is equipped with IoT technology integrated with the application, where riders can easily activate motorbike rental through the application and monitor EV location and battery usage status.

Equipped with a battery replacement system infrastucture that has been spread across hundreds of points througout Indonesia to provide the best driving experience for all users, worry-free about running out of battery on the road.